2014 National Icon - Bioneedle

Bioneedle Technologies Group BV discovered a new way to vaccinate animals and people. Instead of using syringes, needles and vials, veterinarian Gijsbert van de Wijdeven developed a system where ready-to-use ‘Bioneedles’ with the right dose of vaccine are implanted in the skin using a high-pressure device, where they can dissolve.

This means that the process is quicker and cleaner, with a minimal risk of errors and suitable for easy distribution in developing countries.
The vaccination system could improve child vaccination around the world. Every year over 1.2 million children still die of contagious diseases that they could have been protected from. The Bioneedle could also be an aid in fighting pandemics, such as the one caused by the Ebola virus. It will contribute to reducing mortality due to diseases.
As a National Icon, the Bioneedle has been brought to the attention of various companies, organisations and government bodies. Among them, the World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that the Bioneedle could become an important new vaccination method. Bioneedle Technologies Group is also working on further development of the Bioneedle with partners including UMC Utrecht, the university medical centre.
The Bioneedle company got off to a rocky start, finding it difficult to acquire funding to conduct research. However, together with the inventor of the Bioneedle, Intravacc has been able to relaunch the company. This will greatly improve the outlook of Bioneedle Technologies Group, given Intravacc's position in the world of vaccine development.