2014 National Icon - Hybrid potato

Solynta has developed a new plant breeding technology. The company applies it to potato seed, instead of to seed potatoes, thus improving the genetic material of the potato and increasing variation in potato varieties.

This ground-breaking technology allows the nutritional value of potatoes to be increased and promotes the cultivation of multiple types of potato, which are also less susceptible to disease. With this project, Solynta is contributing to the global food supply. At an earlier stage, the company received €2.5 million in funding from the European Union programme Horizon 2020.
Based on Solynta's ideas and technology, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) began a study on the potato as basic foodstuff in fighting world hunger. The research is intended to further strengthen knowledge within the Netherlands of breeding healthier potato varieties and to develop new products for the potato market on a national and global scale.
This has already involved a study trip to East Africa to see whether potatoes can be developed which are suitable for the region. The trip has pointed to promising avenues. Solynta is also currently developing contacts in other countries and regions.