Animal-friendly poultry sex determination in the egg

Ground-breaking in ovo sex determination means that the chick’s sex can be established when it is still in the egg.

Day-old male chicks thus no longer have to be killed, and the technology also improves the efficiency of egg-laying hen production. The method thus enhances animal well-being while making hatching farms sustainable.

Every year, 3.2 billion chicks are slaughtered in the poultry sector, all male. Since they cannot lay eggs, they are of no use in egg production. The Dutch biotech firm In Ovo developed this animal-friendly method. In Ovo is part of Leiden University and works together with the government, the poultry sector and animal welfare organisations. The company expects to launch its sex determination method in the marketplace in early 2018.

More information can be found via In Ovo.

Image: ©EZ